Omar Wasow



Curriculum Vitae


  • Stanley Kelley, Jr. Teaching Award, Department of Politics, Princeton University.


  • Projecting Power
    • Description: First-year seminar on ethnic politics
    • Summary: Overall rating 4.8 out of 5
    • Full course evaluation: Projecting Power
  • POL346: Applied Quantitative Analysis
    • Description: Second semester undergrad stats
    • Summary: 95% would recommend course to other students (81% “strongly recommend” and 14% “recommend”)
    • Full course evaluation: POL346
    • Slides and supplemental materials: POL346.


Working Papers:

  • “Conditional ethnocentrism: Experimental evidence from protests in the United States.”
  • “Rousing the Sleeping Giant: How Anti-Immigrant Policies and Rhetoric Angers and Mobilizes Latinos,” with Nicholas Valentino, Ali Valenzuela and Matt Baretto.
  • “Affluent politics and the rise of Trump,” with Tali Mendelberg and Sean Kates.
  • “The Boundaries of Black Voting,” with Jamal R Johnson and Brandon McGhee.
  • “Election Effects, Perceptions of Immigration Context and Self-Reported General and Mental Health among Latinos and Whites in the United States,” with Ali Valenzuela and Krista Perriera.

Book Project:

  • Good Trouble: How Protests Influence Media and Politics.

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I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics at Princeton. I received a PhD in African American Studies, an MA in Government and an MA in Statistics from Harvard University. Previously, I co-founded and the Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School. I can be reached at owasow -at- gmail -dot- com.

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