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Washington Post: The protests started out looking like 1968. They turned into 1964.

“Over the past week, however, as the protests grew larger and more organized — as they remained largely peaceful and as hundreds of videos of police violence against demonstrators circulated — it became clearer that 1964 was probably the stronger historical analogue. In that year, nonviolent civil rights protests led not only to the passage of the Civil Rights Act but contributed to the landslide reelection of President Lyndon B. Johnson.”

What’s next in fight for fair policing?

Colbert and I discuss Cyberwar

(I appear at about 4:40)

I discuss transparency with We the Data

Today: Facebook Etiquette

Today Show: Bloggers and Barack Obama


A talk at TEDxBoston: How a $10 computer changed my life

Compilation Reel

I interview Google CEO Eric Schmidt at the BFF Summit

(Interview begins at 20:18).

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