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What would you say to the teacher who changed your life? @jenbrea movingly gives thanks in this video:

NPR: Violence in Boston

Why is the United States a rich country with the homicide rate of a poor country? I went on the Callie Crossley radio show today to share some of the research on homicide in America.

BlackWeb 2.0: How a $10 Computer Changed My Life

BlackWeb 2.0 picks up my TEDxBoston talk: “How a $10 Computer Changed My Life.”

NPR: Race and Social Media

Today, danah boyd and I discussed “Race Dynamics In Cyberspace” on public radio’s Callie Crossley Show.

Slate: How Black People Use Twitter

Slate’s article on “How Black People Use Twitter” article quotes me and my colleague Brian Meeder.

TEDxBoston: How a $10 Computer Changed My Life

At TEDxBoston, my 6-min talk was “How a $10 Computer Changed My Life” & what it means for education:

WSJ Report with Maria Bartiromo

A clip of my appearance on the WSJ Report with Maria Bartiromo

WSJ: Tech Guru with a Social Focus

I was a geek but now aspire to wonk. Joe Walker at Wall Street Journal Careers thoughtfully captures the ups and downs.

The Hacker’s Approach to Education Reform

“Q&A: The Hacker’s Approach to Education Reform” (My thanks to @losangelista for distilling the interview into a coherent whole.)

NPR: Reid vs. Steele

Reid vs. Steele? My comments on NPR’s Tell Me More and in a great roundup in New York Magazine.

The Root: Was Harry Reid Right?

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid privately told two journalists in 2008 that Obama was more electable because he’s “light-skinned” and lacked a “Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.” While the media is abuzz about “sensational…racially tinged remarks.” Over at The Root, I ask: “Was Harry Reid Right?”

Lost in all the handwringing and shock, however, is any clear explanation of what’s wrong with Reid’s comment. Clearly, using “Negro dialect” is about half-a-century behind the times, but does anyone think Reid meant ill by his anachronism?

Props to Mom

About ten years ago, Brian Lamb, founder of C-SPAN, had just interviewed the writer Frank McCourt. McCourt invited Lamb to head uptown on the subway. My mom sees them and introduces herself to McCourt as the mother of a former student (McCourt was one of my HS English teachers). En route uptown, they all chat and it makes such an impression on Lamb that he reached out recently and invited me to be a guest on his show Q & A.

Money Saving Tips For the Holidays

Some tips for saving money this holiday shopping season:

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NBC Today: Five Tech Gift Ideas

Five tech gift suggestions on Today in two minutes and twenty-six seconds:

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{and in under five seconds: Kindle for readers, Ooma free phone calls in US, Kodak Zi8 for portable HD video, Jawbone PRIME for quiet calls, Samsung LCD TV for couch potatoes}

Oprah’s New Favorite Jeans and Gadgets?

Oprah’s new favorite jeans + gadgets? See this Thursday.

NBC Today: Fall Tech Trends

Department of Shameless Self Promotion: 90 seconds of fall tech trends on Today.

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Tavis Smiley: The Evolution of Smartphones

Tavis Smiley and I discuss the evolution of smartphones and growing competition.

The Root: Three Problems with The Kindle

The Kindle is great for a curated reading experience but a real pain if you’re one of those crazy people who wants to read your own documents or interact with readers and authors. For more of my beef, see Three Problems with the New Kindle.

Tavis Smiley: The Hype and Substance of Twitter

Tavis Smiley and I discuss the hype and substance of Twitter on his public radio show.

NBC Today: Facebook Etiquette

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