Omar Wasow


BlackWeb 2.0: How a $10 Computer Changed My Life

BlackWeb 2.0 picks up my TEDxBoston talk: “How a $10 Computer Changed My Life.”

NPR: Race and Social Media

Today, danah boyd and I discussed “Race Dynamics In Cyberspace” on public radio’s Callie Crossley Show.

Slate: How Black People Use Twitter

Slate’s article on “How Black People Use Twitter” article quotes me and my colleague Brian Meeder.


Omar Wasow headshotI am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Politics at Princeton. I received a PhD in African American Studies, an MA in Government and an MA in Statistics from Harvard University. Previously, I co-founded and the Brooklyn Excelsior Charter School. I can be reached at owasow -at- gmail -dot- com.

My Recent Tweets:

  • Wilson said Brown was like “Hulk Hogan” & a “demon.” Research says A Superhumanization Bias in Whites towards Blacks,
  • That “the revolution won’t be tweeted” hypothesis isn’t holding up so well.
  • TV news bias often less about left vs right than eye candy vs substance. Fires look good, nonviolent protests across country, not so much.