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Macros for quickly creating image slides in Latex + Beamer

Scott Cunningham recently tweeted about the hassle of resizing slides in Beamer:

One place where PPT>Beamer is when you have 650 slides and have to keep adjusting the scale of an image. Compile, check, compile, wait 20 seconds, repeat 5 times, give up.

This always bugged me, too, until I found some basic `macros’ to generate image slides in Latex with one line of code. I tweeted back:

A simple solution is to define some macros at the top of the document that create an image slide. I have three image sizes (full page, large & medium) and a few variations with/without titles and/or a source at the bottom. Images are always proportional & take one line of code.

And, in case it’s of interest, here’s a sample Beamer file with those macros.

Zip file with sample Beamer slides and macros to create image-heavy slides using one line of code.


That said, I’m currently migrating slides from Latex / Beamer to R Markdown / Xaringan and digging 1/ speed 2/ ease of braiding together code/output/highlights for teaching 3/ ease of integrating web media (youtube, polls). See

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